Big Owls

Brought to Auckland by the Child Cancer Foundation and developed by Wild in Art, our owl sculptures are icons of storytelling – well known to represent wisdom, migration, diversity, learning and intelligence – and each sculpture will share a unique and meaningful story from the New Zealand community.

GOWLdi the Fish Owl

Paying homage to Gaudi the architect from Spain who was famous for his unique style and highly individualistic designs, this… Read More

Happy Days

Happy Days is a desire for a better and happier life for kids. This is based on Biljana’s style of… Read More

Here You Stand

Living in an infinite universe on a planet of seven billion people, it is not unusual to feel insignificant. The… Read More

Hipster Hoot

Hipster Hoot is inspired by independent thinkers, dreamers and creativity. Hipster Hoot is trendy, hip and fun!

Hoot Abstraction

Inspired by the history of abstraction in modern day painting, and the owls rhetoric of power as a supreme hunter… Read More

I’m Puzzled

Matt’s design illustrates the timeless romance of balloon flight. This almost organic escape to the heavens will always belong in… Read More

Imagine Owl the People

Jenny is inspired by John Lennon and a play on words of his song ‘Imagine’, focusing on his face and… Read More


The Ruru owl is endemic to Aotearoa and an important bird in Maori culture. Its call was seen as a… Read More


Kintsukuroi is the name of the art of repairing pottery with gold. It treats breakage and repair as part of… Read More

Life Cycles

Inspired by the growing consciousness of making changes in our urban and rural environment to reduce waste and use less… Read More

Making A Fuss

Grace’s painting practice is about optically creating visual pleasure through abstraction. The gestures and colours are constructed with no pre-conceived… Read More

Midnight Magic

Inspired by Aotearoa’s native owl – the Ruru, it’s spiritual symbolism and habitat – Flox pays homage to this feathered… Read More