Big Owls

Brought to Auckland by the Child Cancer Foundation and developed by Wild in Art, our owl sculptures are icons of storytelling – well known to represent wisdom, migration, diversity, learning and intelligence – and each sculpture will share a unique and meaningful story from the New Zealand community.

Mr Me-Owl

Inspired by the similarities between the shape of the owl and shape of a cat, Carmel decided to combine them… Read More

Murry the Morepork

Shane’s design captures a classic New Zealander, decked out in his swani and black stubs and ready for a hard… Read More


Inspired by Auckland’s ongoing relationship with its coastline and harbour, Justine’s design draws on nautical and navigational imagery as a… Read More

Night Owl

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Justine’s design depicts New Zealand’s busiest city and illustrates the frenetic pace of its… Read More


This work, created especially for the Big Hoot Child Cancer Auction embodies James’ signature Red Roof Series of paintings which… Read More


In this design, the owl takes on the iconic black jersey, which is no longer just a sporting symbol, but… Read More

Piha Morepork Waves Watcher

Mauricio’s design is inspired by his time in Piha, where on a good surf day a Morepork would hoot to… Read More


Muchu’s design is inspired by the quote “fill yourself up first then give from the overflow”. While the child needs… Read More

Roald D’Owl

Inspired by the wonderful story telling of Roald Dahl and the unique illustrations of Quentin Blake, ‘Roald D’owl’ is a… Read More

Rough Seas

Inspired by where he grew up in Raglan and his connection to the sea. Established artist Sam Mathers has recently… Read More

Ruru Florilegium

Inspired by the native flora found in and around her Titirangi garden, Rogan’s design shows a Ruru wrapped in a… Read More

Ruru Kakotea

In her 2016 World of Wearable Arts piece, Poutini’s Mother Lode, Fifi explored the legend of Pounamu and perfected a… Read More