Big Owls

Brought to Auckland by the Child Cancer Foundation and developed by Wild in Art, our owl sculptures are icons of storytelling – well known to represent wisdom, migration, diversity, learning and intelligence – and each sculpture will share a unique and meaningful story from the New Zealand community.

Ruru’s Warning to Pania

Inspired by the well-known Maori legend of Pania of the Reef. Pania was a beautiful maiden who lived in the… Read More

Rusted Ol’ Owl

Inspired by the organic nature of rust. Troy’s technique combines metal filings mixed with paint and then rusted, creating a… Read More

Tecolote…The Messenger

Influenced by the Mayan’s who saw the owl as very significant in their culture. This design is inspired by an… Read More

The Guardian

Taren embrace’s her artistic style, which channels the delicate and intricate nature of patterns, using their natural language to converse… Read More

The Night Guide

Inspired by the Maori legend of Popoia the owl who helped Mataora and his wife find their way from the… Read More

The Owl and the Pussycat

Inspired by Edward Learʼs 1971 poem ʻThe Owl and the Pussycatʼ, Kelly has taken elements from the poem and reconstructed… Read More

Tin Owl

Known as the ‘Corrugated Iron Man of Australasia’, Jeff’s design is in his chosen and recognised material – soley made… Read More

To the Land Where the Ponga Tree Grows

Juliet’s current series of artworks are inspired by the famous Owl and the Pussycat poem by Edward Lear. By depicting… Read More


Inspired to show that we are all affected by child cancer in some way and how we stick together as… Read More

Use all the crayons in the box

The inspiration behind the look of the work is the importance to use all of the time we are given,… Read More

Watchful One

Greer is inspired by the mystery and wisdom of the owl. Reflecting on a memory from her childhood, where she… Read More

Whirikoka (Strength)

Whirikoka is a symbol of strength. Adorned with Maori weaving patterns and using traditional Maori colours of red, black and… Read More