The Haier Big Hoot Auckland 2018 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Haier Big Hoot?

The Haier Big Hoot is a large scale art trail event that is now swooping through the streets of Auckland City and its surrounds for nine weeks from the 3rd of March to the 6th of May 2018.

There are 47 bespoke-designed, fiberglass 1.65m tall Owls being displayed on the trail. Each owl is sponsored by a business, educational institution, community group or individual, and bespoke designed by artists, both established and emerging artists.

Local school children have also completed bespoke pieces to take part in the Big Hoot through a schools programme called “the Little Hoot”.  These will be placed on the trail but returned to each school once the public display has finished.

At the end of the event, each large Owl will be auctioned to raise funds to help support children with cancer and their families throughout New Zealand.

This project is presented by Child Cancer Foundation in partnership with the International creator of the event, Wild in Art.

How do I sponsor an Owl?

Businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring an owl can find out more by contacting the Haier Big Hoot Sponsorship Manager, Chris Key at sponsorship@thebighoot.co.nz

Is the event free?

Yes!  It is completely free to follow the Big Hoot trail. Trail maps are available to download from www.thebighoot.co.nz or from designated outlets across the city.

Where will the Owls be located and how easy will it be to see them all?

Trail maps will provide information about each of the locations. Each location is designed to be fully accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week but local restrictions may apply. The trail will take people on a journey of discovery and showcase many areas of Auckland. Child Cancer Foundation and Wild in Art cannot be held liable for any Owl that’s unavailable for viewing.

Who are the Haier Big Hoot’s major sponsors?

A full list of current sponsors can be found here.

Who designs the Owls?

The template, blank Owl was created by Chris Wilkinson, Wild in Art’s Creative Director.

Who is responsible for the Big Hoot?

Child Cancer Foundation is the producer of the event. They will be working in partnership with Wild in Art (the International creators of the event) and local stakeholders to ensure the Haier Big Hoot adds value and leaves a lasting legacy for Auckland.

How do you choose where each Owl will be located?  

The Haier Big Hoot is a partnership-led event, so the location of the Owls will depend on the buy-in of local communities, funders and sponsors.  We’ve also invited schools throughout Auckland to get involved and showcase young people’s creativity in their local area in a schools trail of Owlets (90cm tall).  the creation and design of each owl

Who chose the schools that are participating?

All Auckland Schools were sent an invitation via email last year to take part in the event by purchasing and decorating their own Owlet.  Later on in 2017,  some of the sponsors gifted owlets to additional schools in their area of business.

Who pays for each Owl to be made and designed?

The creation and design of each owl is generously sponsored by a local business or organisation.

How many visitors do you expect the project to attract once the Owls are on display?

Previous events in other locations have attracted over a million visitors to explore and discover their city or town. Please see www.wildinart.co.uk for specific locations and statistics.

What happens if an Owl is vandalised?

In most Wild in Art events, vandalism is a rare occurrence as the locations of the statues are chosen to avoid vandalism. If this does occur, decisions about vandalism are made on a case-by-case basis. Principally, all efforts will be made to restore the Owl, but it remains at Child Cancer Foundation’s discretion regarding the nature of the vandalism. If there is repetition of the vandalism once the Owl has been restored, a different location will be found.

How do I report a damaged Owl?

To report a vandalised or damaged Owl, please email damage@thebighoot.co.nz

Can I buy an Owl?

Yes – at the auction in May 2018 – keep an eye on our website (www.thebighoot.co.nz) for more information about this.

The small owlets are only available for schools and education purposes as part of the Big Hoot Schools Programme – they will be returned to each of the schools following the event.

What happens to the Owls at the end of the Big Hoot art trail?

After the local community and tourists have enjoyed following the Haier Big Hoot trail – and everybody’s creativity, dedication and support has paid off – the auction will make a fitting finale for the Owls (the Owlets will return to the schools and community groups that created them).

The auction is an exciting, major event in its own right. All proceeds from the auction will go to Child Cancer Foundation, and help support Kiwi children with cancer and their families nationwide.

Can anyone bid at the auction?

Yes – the bidding process and all details about the auction will be available on the Haier Big Hoot website shortly.

How much money do you expect to make?

Child Cancer Foundation hopes the event will raise in excess of $300,000 to support children with cancer and their families across New Zealand.

Will all profits from the project go to Child Cancer Foundation?

The net proceeds from the auction will go to Child Cancer Foundation.

What will be the economic benefits to Auckland?

Previous events demonstrate significant benefits and we anticipate this will also be the case in Auckland. The Haier Big Hoot offers a community engagement platform, which will extend for more than 12 months. It has the potential to increase foot traffic and ultimately visitor-spend in sponsor and host venues.

Please see www.wildinart.co.uk for case studies, previous events and relevant statistics.

Who pays for each Owl to be made and designed?

The creation and design of each Owl will be generously sponsored by a local business or organisation.

Who is Child Cancer Foundation?

Child Cancer Foundation is a unique family-focused nationwide network that gives personalised support to children with cancer and their families.

Each family is connected one-to-one with a Family Support Coordinator – someone who can help guide them every step of the way now, and in the future. We’re here not only to help with the big things like emotional, social and practical support. But also the little things they’ve probably never even thought about.

Every week, more than three children in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer. At any given time, Child Cancer Foundation is assisting over 500 families’ nationwide, offering personalised, one-on-one support in hospital, at home and in the community.

Child Cancer Foundation receives no direct government funding.

Who is Wild in Art?

Wild in Art is one of the world’s leading creative producers of high-impact, public art exhibitions, featuring large-scale, individually designed and decorated sculptures. For Auckland, Wild in Art worked with Child Cancer Foundation to bring the Haier Big Hoot to Auckland and the Owl has been chosen as the quirky canvas for the region’s exceptionally creative community.

Wild in Art create spectacular and award-winning events which inspire, amuse, entertain and educate, through the creation of trails and installations of uniquely decorated 3D animal and other sculptures.  From Superlambananas in Liverpool and prides of lions in Nairobi, to parades of elephants in Melbourne, crashes of rhinos in Sydney and giraffes in Christchurch, Wild in Art’s high-profile and media-friendly events have animated cities and enthralled people the world over. Find out more at www.wildinart.co.uk

Need more information:

Businesses interested in taking part in the project, or potential sponsors of the owls can find out more by contacting the Haier Big Hoot Sponsorship Manager Chris Key at  sponsorship@thebighoot.co.nz

Follow The Haier Big Hoot Auckland’s Facebook page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/theBigHoot2018/