Big Owls

Brought to Auckland by the Child Cancer Foundation and developed by Wild in Art, our owl sculptures are icons of storytelling – well known to represent wisdom, migration, diversity, learning and intelligence – and each sculpture will share a unique and meaningful story from the New Zealand community.

Athena of Aotearoa

In Greek mythology, the owl is the symbol for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Anna’s design celebrates the beauty of… Read More


Mandii likes to utilise the organic shape of an existing sculpture and the shape of the owl makes a perfect… Read More

Beach T’Owl

The Beach T’Owl represents everything we all love about a classic kiwi summer – with a big towel shrugged around… Read More

Big Hoot

A contemporary, colourful and abstract design. This owl features bright geometric graphics in an Aztec style and is the iconic… Read More

Captain Owl

This owl is looking smart and getting ready to go places! Inspired by concepts of natural flight and man made… Read More


Representative of his distinctive, street art style, Sean’s design is based on the Portuguese word for owl – Caruja. Sean… Read More

Don’t Ask Me

Code for secrets of the Universe… In Fane’s childhood lexicon owl was always ‘the wise guy’ – this owl might… Read More

Dream Catcher

Inspired by the fact owls are awake while the rest of the world is sleeping and dreaming, Kate’s design captures… Read More

Enchanted Frosty River Owl

Inspired by the majestic interior of the latest Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Ship with its beautiful dusty pink and gold,… Read More


Byron’s design is inspired by his childhood memories of New Zealand summer. This work aims to capture that carefree spirit… Read More

Full Moon Ruru

Inspired by where they live in the Waitakere Ranges, Bernie and Donna are lucky enough to not only hear, but… Read More

Geometric Owl

Inspired to explore abstract forms to create a composition in the style of geometric abstraction, Jessica’s design draws on a… Read More